Anan Høst-Ragab

Anan Høst-Ragab

Associate Medical Writer

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Anan has a PhD in Biological Sciences from University of Cambridge in addition to a first-class Bsc degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry from Roskilde University, Denmark. She has 10+ years of biomedical research experience across a number of fields but always with a focus on oncology.

Anan has investigated biology of stem cells, vascular disease (retinopathy in diabetes, retinopathy of prematurity, vascularisation in tumour growth), developing drug combination therapies in breast and other cancers, and profiled cell signalling pathways in oncology and inflammation. This has resulted in her being lead author on 4 out of 12 primary research papers.

Anan has past experience in the therapy areas of oncology (breast cancer, prostate, stomach/oesophageal cancer), stem cell biology and “cancer stem cells”, angiogenesis and vascular disease, oncogenic signalling pathways and inflammation. Since she has joined WG she has been involved in projects on Infectious diseases (hepatitis B, C), rheumatoid arthritis, vaccines (typhoid), endocrinology (hypoparathyroidism).

Outside of medical writing, she has a passion for rock climbing and exploring the UK’s wild places, just her, her tent and her trusty hunting knife.

Anan is based in the London office.

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