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July 2014
Brawn on the 4th of July

With operations in both the UK and the US, and experience across all major European markets, WG is well-placed to support the global goal of delivering equitable, affordable value-based healthcare.

Brawn on the 4th July

In the month when the US once again observes the anniversary of its most celebrated outcome, outcomes of a very different kind continue to dominate the headlines. America may have enjoyed national independence since 1776, but some challenges still share international unanimity; the goal to deliver equitable, outcomes-led healthcare is both ongoing and global. This month, WG's retrospective Twitter round-up shows how the 'value' debate is developing on both sides of the pond – and how healthcare stakeholders are strengthening efforts to deliver high-quality, affordable care.

June saw the 19th Annual meeting of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) take place in Montreal – and WG's US operations were there to hear the market's latest perspectives on value-based healthcare. Hell, our poster outlining a study of rare disease treatment cost comparisons using real world evidence even won a finalist award. But what was the real world evidence in terms of the evolution towards value-based healthcare? Opinion was both diverse and provocative.

The latest debate took place against the backdrop of a market where 'the realities of affordability are beginning to dominate discussions'. But according to Leslie Levin in his opening address, “shoehorning evidence is not an option." As expected, this sentiment set the tone for a plethora of presentations exalting the value of so-called Big Data. But the question remains: does 'big data' equal 'good data'? The two things do not always go hand in hand.

Discussions naturally shone a light on clinical studies and questioned the industry's continued reliance on traditional R&D methodologies. Dr. David Sacket asked whether it was time to “retire the RTC, in an age of Big Data and large observational trials?" Yet despite the controversial nature of his question, Dr. Sacket still believed traditional studies have a role to play. Nonetheless, the growing influence of healthcare payers means that the industry must explore new ways of generating key data. Adrian Towse predicts that payers in the US and the EU will impose greater demands for Comparative Effectiveness Research for market access. Likewise, there was general consensus that post-marketing is far too late to evaluate the value of product.

In this regard, Dr. Alan Korn urged attendees to “rethink the definition of value" – identifying price as the “elephant in the room when discussing value". With delegates reminded that most unfavourable HTA decisions for oncology products are due to high cost, it's clear that defining – and demonstrating – value is a critical objective if the goal of equitable and affordable care is to be achieved. WG takes a cross-functional approach to the development of health economic and outcomes research (HEOR) strategies, to support the communication of effective, evidence-based value propositions. Our in-house team of experienced health economists work in tandem with clinical, payer and marketing experts to ensure HEOR strategies are joined up.

In other news last month, the UK's Office of Health Economics (OHE) published a report examining the importance and history of HTA evaluations for additional uses of cancer drugs after their initial approval. The research, which looks at cancer treatments in the UK, France and the US, shows how the assessment processes in each country differ in interpreting value. WG understands the key requirements of a successful HTA submission and provides a range of services to support this key activity in all major global health economies.

Elsewhere, NHS England has launched a prototype Medicines Optimisation dashboard to help CCGs improve what is generally perceived to be sub-optimal use of medicines. The dashboard, whose launch coincides with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society's development of four key principles for medicines optimisation, is part of a wider tranche of work NHS England is doing to ensure patients get the support they need to get the most from their medicines.

And finally, last month WG unveiled the innovations shortlisted for one of the most prestigious prizes in pharmaceutical R&D – a Prix Galien medal. Treatments for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, hepatic encephalopathy and meningococcal infection are among 14 new products in the running for this year's ceremony, which takes place at the House of Commons in October. UK Prix Galien will once again provide compelling, real-world evidence of the strength, breadth and vitality of pharmaceutical innovation in the UK – and underline the true value of Britain's rich science-base. WG is proud to own the UK franchise for Prix Galien, and looks forward to showcasing the best of British this autumn.

But the healthcare debate is a global conversation – and WG offers a truly international voice. With operations in both the UK and the US, and experience across all major European markets, WG is well-placed to support the global goal of delivering equitable, affordable value-based healthcare. We have a wealth of experience in facilitating partnerships between the industry and healthcare stakeholders, as well as a range of strategies and methodologies designed to support effective market access and commercialization of your medicines and devices throughout their lifecycle.

And better still, we are all joined up. We provide fully-integrated market access solutions, capturing insight from our strong multi-disciplinary team – and ratifying evidence with our respected, established and growing global network of healthcare associates. Follow us on Twitter @wg_consulting

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